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Motorola SURFboard Cable Modem USB Drivers

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Where do I find drivers for my Motorola SURFboard Cable device?

For specific Motorola SURFboard cable modems and gateways, software (known as drivers) will need to be installed when connecting to the cable device with a USB cable.  This documentation provides information on verifying the model number and downloading the correct USB drivers.

NOTE 1: USB drivers are not required when connecting to the cable device with an Ethernet cable.

NOTE 2: The drivers included in this document are compatible with Windows operating systems.  These drivers are not compatible with Macintosh or Linux operating systems.

WARNING: Install only the drivers that apply to the specific product model number.  Otherwise irreversible damage can occur.  Motorola is not responsible for any damages or loss associated with the downloading and installation of incorrect drivers to the product.  The warranty, if any, is void on the product and no replacements or refunds will be provided in this case.  Please contact Motorola technical support for questions.

NOTE 1: Firmware is software that is pre-installed in the modem in order for it to function.  Drivers is software that is installed on the computer in order to communicate with the modem via USB.

NOTE 2: The SB5101 and SB5101NU models, including the EuroDOCSIS and International(i) variants require the latest release of firmware in-order to successfully install and support the latest USB Drivers. To fully support the v2.4.7.3 USB Driver Package, the following releases (or newer) are required.


Attempting to install the newest drivers with older releases of SB5101 or SB5101NU firmware will result in the following error: This device cannot start. (Code 10).

When this happens, complete the USB Installation with the previous release (v2.4.1.7) of the Motorola USB Driver Package.

To Verify the Model Number

  1. Turn the modem upside down.
  2. Locate the small white sticker on the bottom panel of the modem.  The exact location and label format varies by model.

    NOTE: The model number will begin with SB or SBG for Motorola SURFboard modems, (e.g. SB6120 or SBG900)
  3. Refer to the Cable Modem USB Driver Matrix section of this document to download the appropriate drivers.

Cable Modem USB Driver Matrix

Once the model number has been identified for the product, proceed to download the USB drivers by clicking on the link that corresponds to the product.

WARNING: When installing the drivers, do not interrupt the download process once it has begun.  Aborting the process may cause equipment failure.

ModelUSB Drivers
Win 7
(32-bit, 64-bit)
USB Drivers
Win Vista
(32-bit, 64-bit)
USB Drivers
Win XP
(32-bit, 64-bit)
USB Drivers
Win 2000
USB Drivers
Win ME
USB Drivers
Win 98 (SE)
SB51002.4.7.3 (32-bit only) (32-bit only)
SBG9002.4.7.3 (32-bit only)
SBG10002.4.7.3 (32-bit only)



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