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Input Voltage, Amperage and Connection Type for Broadband Products

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What is the correct input voltage, amperage, and connection type for SURFboard Broadband power supplies, power bricks, or transformers, PSU?


It is no longer possible to purchase ARRIS power supplies, transformers, cords or wall plugs for any broadband products.  It is possible to purchase compatible power accessories through an electronics retailer.  The following table lists the product, power supply voltage/amperage, type of unit for all supported SURFboard Cable Modems and Gateways products.  Use this guide when purchasing after-market power supplies, transformers, cords, etc.

ProductPower RequiredAmperagePIN TypeType
G3412vDC2.0APOS(+)Wall Wart
G3612vDC2.0APOS(+)Wall Wart
S3312vDC1.5APOS(+)Wall Wart
SB612112vDC750mAPOS(+)Wall Wart
SB614112vDC750mAPOS(+)Wall Wart
SB618312vDC1.0APOS(+)Wall Wart
SB619012vDC750mAPOS(+)Wall Wart
SB820012vDC2.0APOS(+)Wall Wart
SBG1012vDC1.5APOS(+)Wall Wart
SBG640012vDC2.0APOS(+)Wall Wart
SBG658012vDC1.5APOS(+)Wall Wart
SBG6580-212vDC1.5APOS(+)Wall Wart
SBG6700-AC12vDC2.0APOS(+)Wall Wart
SBG6782-ACN/AN/AN/ACord Only
SBG6900-ACN/AN/AN/ACord Only
SBG6950AC212vDC2.5APOS(+)Wall Wart
SBG7400AC212vDC2.5APOS(+)Wall Wart
SBG7580-ACN/AN/AN/ACord Only
SBG7600AC212vDC2.5APOS(+)Wall Wart
SBG830012vDC3.0APOS(+)Wall Wart
SVG2482ACN/AN/AN/ACord Only
SBR-AC175012vDC2.0APOS(+)Wall Wart
SBR-AC1200PN/AN/AN/ACord Only
SBR-AC1900PN/AN/AN/ACord Only
SBR-AC3200PN/AN/AN/ACord Only
SBV2402N/AN/A N/A Cord Only
SBV3202N/AN/AN/ACord Only
T2512vDC2.5APOS(+)Wall Wart
TM822RN/AN/AN/ACord Only
WC4T12vDC2.5APOS(+)Wall Wart
W2112vDC2.5APOS(+)Wall Wart
W30/W3112vDC3.0APOS(+)Wall Wart
W6B12vDC2.0APOS(+)Wall Wart
W6U12vDC2.0APOS(+)Wall Wart



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