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McAfee® SHI: Admin Password Reset

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How do I reset the admin password for the McAfee® SHI app?
If the password for the admin account for the McAfee® Secure Home Internet (SHI) app has been forgotten, or if the account has been locked out due to excessive failed attempts to login, the account administrator can reset the admin password.  This document describes how to reset the password.

Reset Password
  1. On the McAfee® SHI login screen, tap on the Forgot your password? link.

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  2. On the Forgot your Password? screen, verify the correct email address, then tap on the Email me button.

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  3. A confirmation screen appears notifying that an email has been sent.  Tap on the OK button to return to the login screen.

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  4. An email will be sent to the administrator account with a link to reset the password.  Click on the link to be taken to the McAfee® Create Your Password page.
  5. Enter the new password in the New Password: field, and then re-enter the new password in the Re-enter New Password field.  Click on the Save button.

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  6. The account administrator will now be able to login to the app using the new password.



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