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McAfee® SHI (Android): Factory Reset

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How do I reset the McAfee® Secure Home Internet app?
If it is desired to use a different email address to manage the McAfee® Secure Home Internet (SHI) app, the current email address will need to be disassociated from the ARRIS Wi-Fi product.  This can be done by performing a factory reset from the McAfee® SHI app.  This document provides steps for disassociating an email address using the factory reset feature of the McAfee® SHI app.

NOTE: This process will reset all Parental Control and device management configurations.  Devices will need to be identified again and Parental Controls will need to be reconfigured after performing the factory reset.

Perform Factory Reset
  1. Tap the McAfee® SHI icon to launch the app.  The Home screen will appear. 

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  2. On the Home screen, tap on the menu icon, or swipe left.  The Welcome screen will appear.
  3. On the Welcome screen, tap on Help.  The Help screen will appear.

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  4. On the Help screen, tap on Factory reset.  The Are you Sure? pop-up will appear.

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  5. On the Are you sure? pop-up, tap on Reset.  The Router is Resetting screen will appear.

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  6. On the Router is resetting screen, tap the Done button.  The McAfee® SHI login screen will appear.

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  7. To reconfigure, reboot the ARRIS Wi-Fi product, then enter the registered email address.

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