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McAfee® SHI (iOS): Admin Account Setup

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How do I create an admin account for the McAfee® SHI app?
The McAfee® Secure Home Internet (SHI) mobile app is used to monitor and manage in real time on devices in the home network of the SBG gateway.  A single  McAfee® admin account is created for each SBG gateway and it can be use on multiple mobile devices.  This document describes how create an admin account for MMcAfee® SHI app.  

The McAfee® SHI mobile app for iOS is available on the App Store at no charge.

  • SURFboard product with McAfee® SHI support:
    • SBG6950AC2
    • SBG7400AC2
    • ​SBG7580-AC
    • SBG7600AC2
  • The mobile device is connected to the Wi-Fi network of the SURFboard product with McAfee® SHI. 

Create Admin Account for McAfee® SHI App 
  1. Access the App Store to search and download the McAfee® SHI app. 
  2. Tap the McAfee® SHI icon to launch the app.  The Welcome to the Secure Internet screen will appear.
  3. Tap the Play button to begin the tour or tap the Skip Tour link to skip the tour.  The Login screen will appear after the tour is completed or skipped.

    NOTE: In this example, the tour was skipped.

    User-added image

  4. On the Log in screen, enter a email address in the field and tap the Next button.  The Sign up screen will appear.  

    NOTE: The app checks for existing email address associated with an admin account.  If there is an existing email associated with an admin account, enter the password in the field and tap the Log in button. 

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  5. On the Sign up screen, enter a password in the key symbol field and reenter in the field below.
  6. Tap the Sign up button.  The Looking for your devices screen will appear.

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  7. On the Looking for your devices screen, the McAfee® SHI app begins to look for the SBG gateway.  The Your're connected page will appear.

    NOTE: The mobile device must be connected to the W-Fi network of the SURFboard gateway with McAfee® SHI to complete this setup.

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  8. On the Your're connected screen, tap the Let's go button.  The Home screen will appear.

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  9. On the Home screen, the available options are:
    • ​​Notifications - Notifications are shown when there is a change in the home network or if a kid wants access to a website.  The admin can respond to notifications from the Home screen or if the Notification link is tapped at the top screen to view all.
    • Security Tips - SHI provides a security score for the home network.  Tap the View details link to access tips to increase the home network security.
    • Devices - The admin can view all the device connected in the home network by tapping the Devices link.  Additional information is gathered on each device to identify them, such as device name, status, IP address, and Anti-virus status. 
    • Menu - The Menu provides access to Parental Controls setting, support, notices, other information about SHI, and log out.

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