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Is Motorola Zoom the same brand name as ARRIS?
As of January 2016, ARRIS will no longer have any affiliation with the Motorola brand, and we will begin phasing out our use of the Motorola logo on new ARRIS SURfboard® modems and gateways. 

However, the SURFboard® legacy continues at ARRIS. Every ARRIS SURFboard product carries the same commitment to speed, reliability, and innovation that has made SURFboard the world’s leading brand of cable modems for nearly 20 years. 

Recently, we’ve learned that Zoom Telephonics intends to launch a line of Motorola-branded modems—without any connection to the original product engineering standards or involvement from Motorola product development.  This may cause confusion among consumers in our switch to ARRIS-only branding, so we’ve prepared the following Q&A to answer your questions as well as the ones you may receive from consumers. 


Should I call Motorola or ARRIS? 

Please call ARRIS if the device says “SURFboard” on it and if it was purchased before 2016.  Regardless of whether it is branded ARRIS, Motorola, or both; support details can be found at this URL

Why are two companies selling Motorola-branded products?

To be clear, ARRIS is no longer selling Motorola-branded products.  The Motorola brand is merely a license and ARRIS had that license until the end of 2015.  At the start of 2016, Zoom Telephonics will begin using it, but Zoom products will NOT carry the SURFboard brand.

Will anything change with current or potential products based on this announcement? 

No, our products and product strategy will remain the same.  We’ll continue making the fastest, best-performing, and most reliable products on the market under the SURFboard brand.  The designers and engineers whose innovation made the SURFboard the most popular consumer modem continue their work at ARRIS.  The intellectual property that protects our innovations and market leadership remains with ARRIS.

Does Zoom own ARRIS? Motorola?

No, Zoom simply acquired the license to use the Motorola brand.  ARRIS acquired Motorola Home in 2013.  The products, heritage, intellectual property, and innovation associated with that division now reside under the ARRIS brand.

What are the model numbers for the Motorola Zoom products?

The model numbers are MB7220, MB7420, and MG7310.  Product casing is dark gray.  More information on the products can be found at

What about SURFboard? Is that Motorola or ARRIS?

ARRIS owns the SURFboard brand, the most popular brand of retail cable modems in the world.

Who should I contact for Motorola Zoom support?

If you have an MB7220, MB7420, or MG7310, please refer to for support.

How can I tell I’m receiving/buying an ARRIS product?

All ARRIS modems and broadband gateways bear the SURFboard name.

Is your warranty the same? 

Yes, 2 years.

Will you support legacy ARRIS products with Motorola branding? 

Yes, ARRIS will support all SURFboard products with the Motorola brand.

What is the phone number for Zoom's Cable modem product support?




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