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Parental Rewards: Set Up Kid View on Kid's Device

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How do I set up Kid View on the kid's device?
NOTE: This article applies to the mAX W21, W121, W122 Express, W30, W130, W31, and W133 Routers.

Parents can install the SURFboard Central app on their kid's mobile devices to access Kid View.  In Kid View, kids can view their virtual allowance balance, use screen time, complete chores, monitor virtual allowance spending, and create goals. 


Setup Kid View on Kid's Device

  1. Download the SURFboard Central app from the app store on an Apple or Android mobile device.  

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  2. Tap the SURFboard icon then tap the Get Started button. 

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  3. It is required to enable Location services in the SURFboard Central app to perform first time setup installation.  The steps and screens in iOS may vary from Android OS.  For more information on the location services or change the Location Service in the mobile device settings, refer to article # 18476 - SURFboard Central: Location Services

    For iOS: Tap the Allow While Using the app button and then tap the Continue button. 
    Allow Once -  Location services is enabled during this instance and will be asked again when the app is hard closed and reopened.
    Allow While Using the app - Location services is enabled only when the app is in use.

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    For Android: Tap the Continue button.  Tap the Allow button on the access device's location services and access photos, media, and files on your device message prompts.  These permission are mandatory to perform first time setup installation of the mAX router. 

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  4. Tap the box for SURFboard Mesh SURFboard mAX, then tap the Next button.

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  5. Tap the box for mAX AX6600, then tap the Next button.

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  6. Enter the email address used to setup SURFboard Central app in the Email address field and tap the Sign In button.

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  7. A verification code email will be sent to the email used.  Enter the verification code into the blank field.

    NOTE: Tap the Resend link to resend the verification code email if not received.

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  8. Once the code is verified, tap the Next button.

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  9. Tap the Skip Tutorial link.

    Right click on the image to save it to your computer.
  10. Tap the My Experiences box or bottom-right icon.

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  11. Tap the Parental Control box. 

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  12. Tap the kid's user profile to access Kid View.

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  13. Tap the Go to kid view link.

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  14. Tap the four circles icon to enter a 4-digit pin. 

    NOTE: A pin is created during first-time access to the Kid View.  The pin is required to switch to Parent View to manage other Parental Control user profiles and prevent children access.

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  15. Reenter the pin, and tap the OK button.

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  16. The kids view profile displays virtual funds, screen time, pending approval, chores, spending, and goals.

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