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S33/S34: Web Manager Access

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How is the Web Manager used for the S33/S34 cable modem?
The Web Manager is used to monitor the network configuration settings and operational status of the S33/S34 cable modem.  The default login credential is admin for username and the default password is password or last 8 digits of the serial number.  The serial number is printed on a label located on the S33/S34 bottom panel.  On firmware before TB01.02.001.08, the default password is password.  This document contains the following sections:
Retrieve the Last 8 Digit of the S/N on the Label
  1. Turn the S33/S34 over with the bottom facing up to view the label. 
  2. Locate the last 8 digits of the S/N.  

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Web Manager Access

: If the S33/S34 is connected to a router, it is recommended to disconnect the router and connect the S33/S34 directly to a computer with an Ethernet cable.
  1. Launch a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.  Enter into the address box and press the Enter key.  The Login page will appear.

    NOTE: A security or private risk alert may appear on the web browser advising users to proceed with caution when accessing the Web Manager.  There is no risk in proceeding to the Web Manager. For instructions to bypass the alert screen, refer to article # 18181 - Alert Message for Web Manager Access.
  2. On the Login page, enter admin in the Username field.
  3. Enter password or the last 8 digits of the serial number in Password field then click the Apply button.  The Login Setting page will appear. 

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  4. Enter password or the last 8 digits of the serial number located on the bottom white sticker in the Old Password field.
  5. Enter a new custom password in the New Password field and re-enter the new custom password in the Repeat New Password field.

    Password Requirements:
    • Minimum of 8 to 16 maximum characters
    • At least one uppercase alpha character
    • At least one lowercase alpha character
    • At least 1 number
    • One of the following special characters ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * (  ) - _ = + [ ] { } | ; : , . / ?
  6. Click the Apply button.  The pop-up box will appear.    

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  7. Click the OK button.  The Login page will appear.
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  8. Enter admin in the Username field.
  9. Enter the custom password in the Password field then click the Apply button.  The Product Registration window will appear. 
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  10. The Product Registration window includes information about enhanced product support, product warranty registration, and promotional offers from ARRIS.
    • Click the Register button to take a few minutes to register the product.  For assistance with product registration refer to article # 18558 - S33/S34: Product Registration.  When the product is registered the product registration window will not appear during the next login. 
    • Click the Ask me later button to bypass the product registration window.  The product registration window will appear during the next login.
    • Click the Stop asking button to stop the product registration window from appearing on the next login.
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The following are descriptions for each page in the S33/S34 menu:
  • Status - Provides the current operational status of the cable modem.
  • Product Information - Provides the current hardware and software-related information for the cable modem.
  • Event Log - Displays a listing of the time and actual events as they occur and are detected by the cable modem.  This information may be useful to help diagnose and correct any problems that may occur with the cable modem.
  • Addresses - Provides the serial number and MAC addresses for the cable modem and computers connected on the home network.
  • Configuration - Provides the network connection frequency and channel ID information for the cable modem.
  • Login Settings - Change the password for the admin account.
  • Help - Provide a brief description for each screen option and general troubleshooting tips.
  • Logout - Logout of the S33/S34 Web Manager.
Right click on the image to save it to your computer.

Failed Login Attempts

The following message appears when the incorrect password is used for login.  "Max number of login attempts reached.  Login will be locked for a period of time.  Please try again later". 
  • After 10 minutes, enter the correct username and password to log in. 
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  • When the login attempts continue to fail, factory reset the S33/S34 to login with the admin (username) and the last 8 digits of the S/N printed on the bottom white label (password).  For assistance with the factory reset, refer to article # 18553 - S33/S34: Factory Reset



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