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SB6120: DOCSIS 3.0 Overview

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What is DOCSIS 3.0?

DOCSIS 3.0 Overview

DOCSIS 3.0 (Data Over Cable System Interface Specification) is the latest standard for communication in Cable Networks. It is fully backward compatible with earlier DOCSIS versions.  Internet access via the Cable Network uses channels, much like TV channels, for data transport. The DOCSIS 3.0 SB6120 Cable Modem sends and receives information in both directions on these data channels. Using the newest technology, a cable provider can link multiple channels together (channel bonding) to greatly increase data transfer rates to up to four times faster to and from the computer using the SB6120 through the Cable Network. The SB6120 operates in either a single-channel mode, or the higher speed 'bonded' mode. Cable Operators have started offering DOCSIS 3.0 service in a number of Cable Systems. Please contact the Internet Service Provider for ultra-broadband (DOCSIS 3.0) availability.




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