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SB6183: GUI Access

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How do I access the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the SB6183 cable modem?

The SB6183 Cable Modem has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) menu which includes modem statistics, current connection status, and system logs.  This document describes how to access the GUI.

Accessing the GUI

NOTE: If the SB6183 is connected to a router, it is recommended to disconnect the router and connect the SB6183 directly to a computer with an Ethernet cable.
  1. Launch a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.  Enter into the address box.  The Status page will appear.

    Right click on the image to save it to your computer.

Here is a brief description of each page in the SB6183 menu:

  • Status - Provides information about the startup process of the Cable Modem.
  • Product Information - Provides information about the current state and status of different cable modem elements.
  • Event Log - Provides diagnostic messages generated by the Cable Modem, which is intended for use by a qualified technician.
  • Addresses - Provides information about the network connection between the Cable Modem and the computer.  Also provides details
    about the connection between the Cable Modem and the cable company's computer systems.
  • Configuration - Provides information about the frequency the Cable Modem connects at.
  • Help - Provides information on how to troubleshoot the Cable Modem.  



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