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SB8200: Locating the HFC MAC Address

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Where can I find the HFC MAC address on my SB8200 modem?
The label on the bottom panel of the SB8200 contains the Media Access Control (MAC) address, a unique, 48-bit value permanently saved in ROM at the factory to identify the cable/DOSCIS interface of the modem.  To receive data service, the MAC address marked as HFC MAC ID will need to be provided to the Internet Service Provider.  The HFC MAC ID is also known as the CMAC Address.  This document includes the following sections:
Locating the MAC ID on the Bottom Panel

The MAC ID can be located on a white sticker on the bottom of the device.

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Locating the MAC ID in the Web Manager

: If the SB8200 is connected to a router, it is recommended to disconnect the router and connect the SB8200 directly to a computer with an Ethernet cable.
  1. Launch a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.  Enter into the address box and press the Enter key.  The Login page will appear.

    NOTE 1: A security or private risk alert may appear on the web browser advising users to proceed with caution when accessing the Web Manager.  There is no risk in proceeding to the Web Manager. For instructions to by-pass the alert screen, refer to article # 18181 - Alert Message for Web Manager Access.

    NOTE 2: The admin login is not available on firmware version prior to and the Connection page will appear. 
  2. On the Login page, enter admin in the Username field.
  3. Enter password or the last 8 digit of the serial number located on the bottom white sticker in the Password field.

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  4. Click the Login button.  The Connection page will appear. 

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  5. Click the Addresses link on the main menu.  The Addresses page will appear.

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  6. On the Addresses page, the MAC ID is shown below as green.

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