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SBG6950AC2: Guest Wi-Fi Network Setup

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How do I setup a Guest Wi-Fi Network in my SBG6950AC2 Gateway?
The SBG6950AC2 allows for a guest Wi-Fi network (in addition to the primary Wi-Fi network).  The guest Wi-Fi network provides access to the Internet, but prevents devices from communicating with the primary Wi-Fi and wired connected client devices.  

The SBG6950AC2 broadcasts two different guest Wi-Fi networks independently over the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio bands.  2.4 GHz devices can only connect to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, and newer devices that support 5 GHz can connect to either the 2.4 Ghz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi network.  The Guest Wi-Fi networks are limited to 32 users and disabled by default.  This document describes how to setup the Guest Wi-Fi network.

Guest Wi-Fi Network Setup
  1. Launch a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.  Enter into the address box, and press the Enter key.  The Login page will appear.

    NOTE: A security or private risk alert may appear on the web browser advising users to proceed with caution when accessing the Web Manager.  There is no risk in proceeding to the Web Manager.  For instructions to by-pass the alert screen, refer to article # 18181 - Alert Message for Web Manager Access.

  2. On the Login page, enter admin in the User Name field.
  3. Enter password or a customized password in the Password field.

    NOTE: When using the default password to login, it may be required to set a unique password to proceed to the Web Manager.  For assistance with Web Manager Access, refer to article # 18287 – SBG6950AC2: Web Manager Access.

  4. Click the Apply button.  The System Basic Setup page will appear.

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  5. On the System Basic Setup page, click the Wireless 2.4 GHz link on the top menu.  The System Basic Setup page will appear.
  6. On the left-hand menu, click the 2.4GHZ Guest SSID link.  The 2.4GHz Guest Setup page will appear. 
  7. Check the EnableGuestWireless box to enable the 2.4 GHz Guest Wi-Fi network.
  8. Enter a new wireless network name in the Wireless Network Name (SSID) field.
  9. Enter a new wireless password in the Wi-Fi Security Key field.
  10. Click the Security Mode drop-down menu to select the encryption type to use.
    • Open (None Secure) - Network security is not set for the Wi-Fi network.  This allows access to the Wi-Fi network without a Wi-Fi Security key.
    • WEP (64/128) (Poor Security) - Wired Equivalent Privacy, older network security standards (not recommended).
    • WPA/WPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES) (Most Compatible) - Combination of Wi-Fi Protected Access version 2 with Pre-Shared Key and Wi-Fi Protected Access with Pre-Shared Key. 
    • WPA2-PSK (AES) (Recommended) - Wi-Fi Protected Access version 2 with Pre-Shared Key.
  11. ​​​Click the Apply button.

    NOTE: To enable the 5 GHz Guest Wi-Fi, click the Wireless 5 GHz link on the top menu, then click the 5GHZ Guest SSID link on the left-hand menu, and repeat steps 7 - 11. 

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