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SBM1000: Factory Reset

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How do I reset my SBM1000 MoCA devices to factory default? 


In some cases the SBM1000 MoCA device(s) may need to be reset to their factory default state, and clear all of the previous settings.  The gateway can be reset back to the factory default by pressing the Reset button on the back of the device.  This document describes how to reset the SBM1000 devices to factory defaults.

CAUTION: This process will clear all configurations and should be used as the last resort.  Performing a Factory Reset will erase any configuration changes made previously and may require the MoCA adapters to be reconfigured using the Graphical User Interface (GUI). 

WARNING: If MoCA Security has been enabled for the MoCA adapters, the factory reset will cause the MoCA Security to be disabled.  Whether if both adapters are able to connect or not connect after the factory reset, MoCA Security will still be disabled.  If MoCA Security is desired, it must be re-enabled by logging into the GUI.

  1. Carefully insert the tip of a pen or an unwound paperclip into the reset switch and press on to it.
  2. Hold down the Reset button for at least 5 seconds, but no more than 15 seconds.

    NOTE: Pressing and holding the Reset button for at least 1 second, but no more than five seconds will reboot the MoCA adapter and maintain all of the current MoCA adapter settings. 

    SBM1100 Factory Reset Switch


    SBM1400 Factory Reset Switch




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