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SBM1000: GUI Access

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How do I access the user interface in my SBM1000 MoCA Adapters?


The SBM1100 and SBM1400's built-in GUI (Graphical User Interface) is used for configuring and monitoring the status of the MoCA connection.  The GUI provides information on the status of the MoCA connection, device information, and local network information. 

To access the GUI, the computer must be connected to the SBM1100 or SBM1400 device with an Ethernet cable.  By default, it is enabled for GUI access.  This document describes how to access the GUI (Graphical User Interface) with a web browser. 

NOTE:  To log into the SBM1100 or SBM1400, connect a computer directly to it with an Ethernet cable, and manually configure the computer with an IP address of and log into for GUI access.

For instructions on how to manually configure an IP address in the computer, please refer to:

To Access the GUI

  1. Disconnect the coaxial cable from the desired MoCA Adapter to log into.
  2. Launch a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.  Enter into the address box, and press the Enter key.  A login window appears.
  3. In the login window:
    a.  Enter admin for the Username.
    b.  Enter motorola for the Password.
    c.  Press the Enter key.  The MoCA Setup page appears.




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