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SURFBoard Manager (Android): Wi-Fi Speed Test

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How do I use the SURFboard Manager app to test the Wi-Fi throughput of my SURFboard Wi-Fi product?
The ARRIS SURFboard Manager app includes the functionality to test the wireless throughput of SURFboard Wi-Fi products.  This can be useful in troubleshooting wireless connectivity issues.  Users are able to view the wireless performance in real time, as well as comparing the performance in different locations.  This document provides instructions for running the wireless speed test, and for comparing results.

NOTE: The Wi-Fi Speed Test does not measure Internet connection speeds.  It only measures the connection between the Android device and the SURFboard Wi-Fi product.

Testing Wi-Fi Speed
  1. Tap the SURFboard icon.  The Login screen will appear.
  2. On the Login screen, enter admin in the Username field and password in the Password field.

    NOTE: If the default login credentials were previously changed please enter custom credentials.  If the customized login credentials are forgotten a factory reset must be performed by pressing the reset button for more than 10 seconds on the SURFboard Wi-Fi product.  This will erase all customized settings and reset to the original factory default settings.

  3. Tap the Login button.  The ARRIS home screen will appear.

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  4. Tap the Menu icon on the top-left corner.  The sliding menu will appear.

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  5. Tap the Wi-Fi Speed Test link.  The Wi-Fi Speed Test screen will appear.

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  6. On the Wi-Fi Speed Test screen, tap the Start Speed test button to begin the test.  The test will show a line graph for speeds, and the speed number below the graph.  Once the test has collected sufficient data, the test will stop, and stars will show next to the activities for which the speed is adequate.

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  7. If desired, the speed test results can be saved.  At the bottom of the screen and tap the Save Results button.  The Save Results screen will appear.

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  8. On the Save Results screen, enter a location name to identify where the speed test was performed, or tap on a location icon to choose a pre-defined location.  Tap the Save button.  The Change Applied Sucessfully prompt will appear.

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  9. On the Change Applied Successfully prompt, tap the OK button.  The Wi-Fi Speed Test screen will appear.

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  10. To view saved results, on the Wi-Fi speed Test screen, tap on View History.  The Wi-Fi Speed Test History screen will appear.

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  11. On the Wi-Fi Speed Test History screen, the saved results will be listed.  Results can be sorted by the most recent, or by location name.  The default sort is Newest First.  To sort the results by name, tap the drop-down menu and select Order by name.
  12. To delete a saved result, tap the trash can icon next to the location.  The SURFboard prompt will appear.  

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  13. On the SURFboard prompt, tap the Yes button. 

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