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How do I change the gateway's IP address?
NOTE: This article applies to the SURFboard Wi-Fi Cable Modems (G34, G36, G54). 

The gateway's default IP address is used for accessing the Web Manager, and the DHCP server assigns private IP addresses ( - to the client devices in the home network.  The gateway's IP address can be customized to match the previous IP address scheme of the home network.  When the gateway IP address is changed, the DHCP server assigns the new private IP addresses to the client devices in the home network.  This document describes how to change the Gateway's IP Address.

Change Gateway's IP Address
  1. Tap the My Network icon at the bottom of the screen.

    User-added image
  2. Tap the Network Management box.

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  3. Tap the Network Settings + button to expand the card, then tap the LAN Settings link.

    User-added image
  4. Tap the LAN Subnet and DHCP Range Configuration link.

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  5. To configure the gateway's IP Address, tap one of the three IP addresses below the Configure Subnet section.  Tap the number in purple color to enter the gateway's LAN IP Address.
  6. Tap the numbers in purple to set the router's LAN IP address.

    NOTE: In this example, the third number is set to 50 changing the gateway's LAN IP address to  The LAN IP address will always end with 1 and cannot be customized. 

  7. Under the DHCP Range section, leave the Starting IP and Ending IP at default unless custom configurations need to be set.
  8. Tap the Save Changes button.

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  9. On the Alert pop-up box, tap the OK button.  During this time the Wi-Fi network may be unavailable while the settings apply.  

    NOTE: Wi-Fi clients in the network will lose wireless connection and reconnect when the gateway settings are applied.

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  10. On the LAN IPv4 Subnet is successfully updated pop-up box, tap the OK button.

     User-added image
  11. On the pop-up box, tap the Join button to reconnect the app back to the gateway's network.

    User-added image
  12. The LAN Subnet Configuration screen returns with the new Gateway IP Address.

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