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SURFboard Central: Fing Device Scan With Cable Modems

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Why am I seeing a Fing pop-up window?
NOTE: This article applies to the SURFboard Cable Modems (S33, S34, SB6121, SB6141, SB6183, SB6190, SB8200, SBV3202, SBV2402, T25).

ARRIS has partnered with Fing to help optimize our customers' home network in the SURFboard Central App version 4.1.14 and later.  The Fing scan feature is only available on the SURFboard Central app paired with a cable modem.  Fing performs a one-time network scan of your home network and provides details of the online devices such as the device name, brand, model, IP, and MAC address.  For full details of the network and advanced tools, you may sign up for a download link of the Fing Desktop to install on your PC free of charge.

Fing Scanner
  1. Connect the mobile device to the home network.  
  2. Tap the Network icon at the bottom of the Home screen to perform a one-time network scan.

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  3. Tap the box for I agree to Fing Terms and Conditions.
  4. Review the Terms and Conditions and then tap the I Understand & Agree box.
  5. Tap the Continue box.
  6. Verify the mobile device is connected to the home network Wi-Fi, and then tap the OK button.

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  7. Tap the + button to expand the card to view the device's network information.
    • IP Address - Client device IP Address.
    • MAC Adress - Client device MAC Address.
    • Make - Client device manufacturer.
    • Model - Client device model.
    • Category - Client device type (Mobile, Network, Home & Office).
    • Randomized MAC - Client device MAC Address is random or not.
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  8. Sign-up for Fing Desktop for a full network details and advanced tools by tapping the Refresh icon. 

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  9. Tap the I'm interested button for an email invite to install Fing Desktop on your PC for free.

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  10. Tap the OK button.  The email will be sent to the email address used on the SURFboard Central app.

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