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How do I configure a device to bypass the Parental Control restrictions?
NOTE: This article applies to the SURFboard Wi-Fi Cable Modems (SBG10, SBG6950AC2, SBG7400AC2, SBG7580-AC, SBG7600AC2).

Client devices configured as trusted devices are excluded from the Parent Control rules.  Up to two trusted devices are allowed. 

Add Trusted Devices
  1. Tap the My Experiences box on the Home screen.

    User-added image

  2. Tap the Parental Control box.

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  3. Tap the Trusted Devices link.

    User-added image

  4. Tap the Add Devices button to continue to Trusted Devices.

    User-added image

  5. Tap the box to select the devices, then tap the Add Devices button. 

    NOTE: Client devices that are added to a Parental Control Profile appear on the list.

    User-added image

  6. The Trusted Devices selected will be listed.

    NOTE: To delete a trusted device, swipe left on the trusted device entry and tap Delete.  On the Remove Device pop-up box tap the Remove Device button.

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