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SVG2482AC: Changing the Wi-Fi Name and Password

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How do I change the Wi-Fi network name and password in the SVG2482AC Gateway?
The Wi-Fi network name, also known as SSID (Service Set Identification), is a uniquely identified wireless network.  The wireless key, also known as the wireless security password, encryption key or passphrase, is a password which allows wireless clients, such as smart phones and laptops, to join the secured wireless network.  The SVG2482AC broadcasts wireless network simultaneously over the 2.4 and 5 GHz radio bands.  The SSID and the wireless key are configured in the Web manager and they can be identical or different on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio.  This document describes how to change the Wi-Fi name and password.

CAUTION: When changing the wireless name and password, all wireless devices on the network will lose their wireless connection.  The wireless devices will need to be reconnected to the new wireless network name with the new wireless password.

To Change the Wi-Fi Name and Password
  1. ​Launch a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.  Enter into the address box, and press the Enter key.  The Login page will appear.
  2. On the Login page, enter admin in the Username field.
  3. Enter password in the Password field then click the Login button.  The Gateway > At a Glance page will appear. 

    NOTE: A prompt to change the password appears when the SVG2482AC is using the default password.  To change the password click the OK button or click the Cancel button to bypass it.

  4. On the left-hand menu, click the Connection link then click the Wi-Fi sub-menu link.  The Gateway > Connection Wi-Fi page will appear.
  5. Click the Edit button for the 2.4GHz Frequency Band.  The Gateway > Connection > Wi-Fi > Edit 2.4 GHz page will appear.  

    NOTE: The 5GHz frequency band is configured independently.  To configure click the Edit button for the 5GHz Frequency Band.   

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  6. On the Gateway > Connection > Wi-Fi Edit 2.4 GHz page, leave the Wireless Network option at default Enabled.

    NOTE: The default Wi-Fi credentials cannot be reused.
  7. Enter a new wireless name in the Network Name (SSID) field.
  8. Enter a new wireless password in the Network Password field.  The passphrase needs to be 8 to 63 characters long.
  9. Click the Save Settings button.  The setting will take effect immediately.  The Gateway > Connection > Wi-Fi will appear. 

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  10. The new Network Name (SSID) will appear under the Private Wi-Fi Network section.

    NOTE: To change the Wi-Fi network name and password on the 5 GHz Frequency Band click the Edit button for the 5 GHz Frequency Band and repeat Steps 6 - 9.  The 5 GHz Frequency Band can use the same Network Name (SSID) and Network Password as the 2.4 GHz Frequency Band or a different one.

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