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TG862G/NA: WPS PBC Setup

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How do I establish a wireless connection to my TG862 using WPS?

The WPS (Wireless Protected Setup) feature allows wireless clients and the TG862 to establish a wireless connection with a push of a button or by exchanging pin code.  WPS and WPA-PSK (Wireless Protected Access) wireless encryption are enabled by default in the TG862.  WPS automatically generates a new strong WPA key for the Gateway and any WPS client devices on the wireless network.  The TG862 supports two types of WPSPIN Entry and PBC (Push Button Connection).  This document provides information on:

  • Establishing WPS PBC connection
  • Verifying WPS connection

NOTE: The wireless clients must meet the following requirements for a WPS connection


  • Wireless client must support WPS
  • The client's WPS must support hardware or software Push-button

    NOTE 1: Not all client wireless devices support WPS.  Please refer to the wireless client's documentation.

    NOTE 2: Older, non-WPS clients can still be added to the network by configuring them with WEP or WPA-PSK.

To Establish WPS Push-button Connection

  1. Push the wireless client's WPS Push-button (PBC).
  2. Push the WPS button on the side panel of the TG862.  The Secure LED will begin to flash.  Once the WPS connection has been made, the Secure LED will be solid for a moment, and then will turn off.
  3. Verify the wireless client for connectivity.



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