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Xfinity Cable Modem Activation

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How do I activate my SURFboard and Touchstone Modems, Wi-Fi Modems or Telephony Modems and Wi-Fi Modems on the Xfinity Network? 

When installing a new cable modem for the first time, it is required to activate the cable modem for Internet access.  This document contains the follow sections: 

Prior to Installation


Locate the required information to activate XFINITY Internet service online:
  • Xfinity user ID or email address.
  • Xfinity password associated with the user ID/email.
NOTE: If you do not have this information, please contact XFINITY support for further assistance.

  1. Use an Ethernet cable directly connected from a computer to the cable modem instead of wireless to reduce possible issues when testing for successful activation.

    NOTE: If the computer does not support Ethernet connection, wireless client can be used to test activation.
  2. Check and hand tighten the coax cable to the cable connector on the modem.
  3. Plug the power cord from the modem to the electrical outlet.
  4. Allow the modem to power on and perform it's boot sequence.  The modem may reboot a few times during this process.
  1. On your mobile device, download the Xfinity app on the App store or on Google Play™.  If you already have the Xfinity app, make sure you have updated to the latest version.  
  2. Open the app and sign in with your Xfinity ID.
  3. Follow the steps to get online.
  4. The front LEDs will be solid when it has reached this state. The modem may reboot a few times during the activation process, which is normal. 
  5. Activation is complete when there is a solid green Internet LED.  It may take up to 10 minutes before you can connect to the Internet.
  6. Test the Internet connection by rebooting the computer and browse to

If issues arise when activating the modem on the self-activation site, call Xfinity customer support for further assistance and provide the following information:
  • Modem Manufacturer
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • HFC MAC Address
  • EMTA MAC Address (applicable for voice service)



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