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mAX Routers: DHCP Lease Time

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How do I configure the DHCP Lease Time on my mAX Router?
NOTE: This article applies to the mAX W21, W121, W122 Express, W30, W130, W31, W133, W61, and the W161 Routers.

The DHCP lease time is the amount of time that the mAX router retains the IP address for the client devices in the network.  If mAX router does not see the client device in the network before the DHCP lease time expires, the IP address is released and available for other client devices to use.  This document describes how to change the DHCP lease time in the mAX router.


Change the DHCP Lease Time

  1. Tap the My Network icon on the bottom of the screen. 
    User-added image

  2. Tap on the Network Management box.

    User-added image
  3. Tap on the + button on the Network Settings box to expand the card, then tap the LAN Settings link.

    User-added image
  4. Tap on LAN DHCP Lease Time link.

    User-added image
  5. Enter the desired time in the field below Set Lease Time.  By default, it is set to 1440 minutes (24 hours).

    NOTE: Tap the option below Select Time Unit to configure the lease time in Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, or Forever.  In this example, Minutes is selected.

    User-added image

  6. Tap the Save Changes button.

    User-added image
  7. Tap the OK button on the Changes Applied Successfully box.

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