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How do I review the Network Health suggested recommendations?
NOTE: This article applies to the mAX WC4S, WC4T, W21, W121, W122 Express, W30, W130, W31, W133, W61, and the W161 Routers.

Suggested recommendations are displayed for Network Health Optimization when the connected client device's Wi-Fi signal are low, Satellite signal and link rate decreases, and or the Internet speed decreases.  Tap on the suggested recommendations within the Network Health feature to review the information to improve the network health.

Review Suggested Recommendations
  1. Tap the Network Health box on the Home screen.

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  2. The Network Health Optimization screen, displays No recommendations when the network health is optimum.  The Satellite and Devices icons displays Good signal, the ISP icon displays Stable speed, and or the Link Rate icon displays Good speed.   
  3. When SURFboard Central detects the network health is not optimal, the suggested recommendations is listed under the Active tab.  The Satellite and Devices icon displays Poor signal, the ISP icon displays Unstable speed, and or the Link Rate icon displays Poor signal.  Tap the Satellite strengthConnected devicesISP speed, and or Satellite link rate recommendation(s) box.

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  4. The Satellite strengthConnected devicesISP speed, and or Satellite Link rate screen includes a Recommendation summary, Steps to improve, and Reasons section to help understand and address the connectivity issue.  Click the Show more link to display the entire details.
  5. Use the troubleshooting steps in the Steps to improve section to improve the Satellite's signal, client's Wi-Fi signal strength, and or to resolve Internet speed.
  6. To stop future alert and recommendations, tap the Ignore button.

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  7. On the pop-up window, tap the Yes, Ignore button.

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  8. The suggested recommendations are moved under the Ignored tab and can be reviewed at a later time.

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