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mAX W61: Parental Control Block Websites By Keywords

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How do I block websites using keywords?
Content Filtering is part of the Parental Control feature that is used for preventing access to websites by adding rules with keywords contained in the website address.  The Content Filtering rules apply to all client devices connected to the home network except for devices that are configured as trusted devices.  

Block Websites By Keywords
  1. Tap the My Experiences box on the Home screen.

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  2. Tap the Parental Control box.

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  3. Tap the Global Settings + to expand the card, then tap the Content Filtering link for all profiles. 

    NOTE: To set up Content Filtering on individual user profiles, tap the user profile name then tap the Content Filtering link.

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  4. Tap the Add Rule button to continue to Keywords.

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  5. Enter a word contained in the web address in the Enter keyword field.
  6. Leave the Always option selected to block all the time.

    NOTE: For Every Day and Custom options tap the Add button to scroll and select the Start Time and End Time.  In the Custom option, tap on the days to select the day.
  7. Tap the Save Rule button.

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  8. The keyword entered will be listed.  Repeat steps 4 - 7 for additional keywords.

    NOTE: To delete a keyword, swipe left on the keyword entry and tap Delete.  On the Delete Rule pop-up box tap the Delete button.  To disable the blocked keyword, swipe the slider to the left for each entry.

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