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mAX W61: WPS Push-Button Connection

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How do I establish a WPS Push-Button connection on my W61 router?
The WPS (Wireless Protected Setup) feature allows W-Fi clients with the WPS feature and the W61 router to establish a Wi-Fi connection with a push of a button.  The WPS feature and WPA2/WPA3 Mixed Personal encryption are enabled by default in the W61 router to perform a WPS push-button connection.  

The WPS push-button method is performed by pressing the physical or software-based WPS button on the Wi-Fi clients and by pressing the physical WPS button on the bottom of the W61 router. 


  • Wi-Fi client with physical or software-based WPS button.

    NOTE: Wi-Fi clients without the WPS feature can connect to the Wi-Fi network with the Wi-Fi password.

Establish WPS Connection With Physical WPS Button
  1. Begin the WPS pairing process on a Wi-Fi client.
    • Windows Wi-Fi clients: Select the W61 SSID in the Windows wireless utility.  A message will appear to press the WPS button on the router. 
    • Wi-Fi clients with physical WPS button: Move the Wi-Fi client near the W61 router and press the physical WPS button.
  2. Press the WPS button on the bottom of the W61.

    NOTE: The exchange may last up to two minutes.  Repeat steps 1 - 2 if the WPS connection was unsuccessful. 

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